{openradio} is a platform to support independently produced open-content audio creation and distribution. Founded in 2020 in collaboration with Kaustubh Srikanth. {openradio} is currently supporting a number of independent makers with support of TAIKE. {openradio} is a listener-centred platform that puts free content and a free listening experience first and provodes an alternative to corporate social media platforms for live streaming.

Delhi Listening Group

Delhi Listening Group works in the context of a very fast changing urban environment in which the city plan is profoundly disconnected from the lived city. We propose listening as an alternative to the map and the plan as way of producing knowledge of the everyday city and exploring shifting sonic mores that are reconfiguring the borders between sound and noise. Listening is the work we do to re-earmagine the city and to generate dialogue between diverse ways of listening.

Delhi Listening Group is an ensemble collaboration co-founded in 2009 with Prabhat Kumar Jha at Ankur Society read more at: https://delhilisteners.in/

Selected projects made with Delhi Listening Group
Land is not a home!
Listeners at Work

Land is not a home!

People exploring objects in exhibition
Exhibition opening at Sawda Ghevra, 2016

Sawda Ghevra, Delhi 2016. Mixed media performance installation.

10 years after Where is Nangla Maachi? this exhibition and associated events worked with the displaced comminities of Nangla and other demolition sites across the city to commemorate the acheivements of 10 years of building a new neighbourhood by reflecting on the journey so far through sounds and other objects that have travelled with the people of Sawda, as well as the sounds and places left behind. Continue reading “Land is not a home!”


A play on ’riksha’, the well known three wheeled cycle transport found all over India, and ’shor’, the Hindi word for ’noise’. Rikshor is a mobile structure for intervening in existing networks to invite locality based listening. Rikshor is a demountable sonic platform that can be deployed on any local standard cycle rik and moved easily on public transport to other localities.

Listeners at Work

Listeners at Work in Dakshin Puri, with Delhi Listening Group

Listeners at work is a playful and serious reflection on the work of listening in which we announce the work we are doing in a way that invites others to join us and turn a fresh ear to a familiar sonic space. We also explore the ways in which different kinds of everyday work involve specialised listening skills. Read more about Listeners at Work at Project Anywhere, a global blind peer reviewed exhibition for art at the outermost limits of location-specificity.

Where is Nangla Manchi?

Intallation, Khoj, New Delhi, 2006

A personal response to hearing the soundscape at nangla maanchi basti on the west bank of the jamuna both before and after the violent demolition of this community in mid 2006.

As recordings of the before and after soundscape weave through each other visitors are invited to step into the images of the site projected onto fabric drapes they can walk amongst. Continue reading “Where is Nangla Manchi?”

Seeing is believing

Participatory ink stamp poetry installation @ ‘Someone Draws a Flower on a Wall Beside A Bed’ group show curated by Alana Hunt at JNU School of Arts & Aesthetics, 2009

Custom rubber stamps backed with photos of where the words were found, with a large roll of paper to provide the public with space to compose concrete poems for the duration of the exhibition.


A Foodradio Manifeasto

LIVE FEEDS… hybrid cuisine from the new radio kitchen…a dinner invitation to radio cooks everywhere

Originally published in Radio Territories, ed. Brandon Labelle. Please click ‘continue reading’ to unfold this playful text which will give a detailed insight and overview of core practices and projects of foodradio_network., approx. 5min read. Also available as a PDF from the book here.

Continue reading “A Foodradio Manifeasto”


(de)compose prototype at Frontyard uses decompostion a way to generate sonic material for composition and to generate conversation about composting and carbon.

Exoelectrogenic bacteria in compost give out electrons.
These are captured via arduino as input to a raspberry pi where the signal is sonified. Compost batteries are made using everyday materials and simple tools.


Snack City

Cart with cookin vessels speakers and radios
Sonic street food cart at Mediawala Festival with radios, speakers and internet router relaying live calls from around the city to our ‘snack line’ and tasty sound bites from around the world.

A foodradio_network collaboration, New Delhi, 2007, Mediawala Festival

A celebration of street food following a high court decision to ban the cooking of food on the streets of Delhi. An open phone in streaming live from across the city by mobile snackers and the public, remixed live across the globe along with other local snackscapes.




Vertical suitcase garden
A suitcase garden that grows where you go!

A prototype suitcase garden that grows where you go… Developed during Time Place Space Nomad in 2014 as a mobile, temporary community garden for a mobile, temporary community. It served as a starting point for conversations and collaborations during the group residency. Designed for travelling light with cocopeat and zeolite soil mixture, it is shown here after successfully travelling several hundred kilometres, it went on to produce a lot of lettuce for a season.

The Glass Bell

Interactive Water Installation premiered at next wave festival 2002 Shot on location in the north of Finland where the my grandmother grew up & based on some of the stories which resonate through the lives of three generations of women in my family, The Glass Bell is a fictional poetic construct, an underwater archeology, which explores the role of stories as placeholders for the unutterable, for what falls between languages and places when we leave. Continue reading “The Glass Bell”

Wiretongue : an incantation for artificial voice

Wiretongue, 1997
1 : Immanent : 6’43”

2. : Arrival : 6’50”

3. : & Departure : 5’08”

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A box on your desk

A box on your desk, 1997
1. What is a computer?

2. A Space Without Space

3. In Your Interface

4. Unofficial Intelligence
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